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Generally, our process for almost every product is split into 6 intricate phases. Every stage of our process is devoted to providing a smooth experience for our customers.


Our quality-focused process is designed to ensure every member of our team understands each client's unique needs.


Initial Conversation

Undertaken with an expert from our team, this step revolves around us understanding your needs and desired outcomes. This initial conversation can happen via email or phone.



After fully understanding what you're looking for, we will provide recommendations and options. From materials to finishes, this is the step in the process where we finalize all of the details.


Test Fitting

To assure everything will fit and look as expected, we do a test fitting prior to final installation. This onsite visit will usually last less than 15 minutes.


Onsite Consultation

Once we have determined your needs, we will schedule time to come visit onsite. During this step, we will continue to discuss your needs in detail as well as take initial measurements for the project.


Bid & Timeline

At this point, we will provide you with a firm quote for the project along with an estimated timeline. Our standard projects normally take 3-4 weeks, but for certain projects, timelines may vary.


Final Installation

After your project has been test fitted and gets your approval, it's time for final installation. Personally our favorite step, this is where we get to see all of our craftsmanship come to fruition. 

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